I told myself I would learn to love the first dress I bought. I didn’t.

I had bought it under duress from a saleswoman who was way too good at her craft. A month before my wedding I finally decided to follow my heart and buy the dress I actually wanted. It was perfect. The wedding was perfect. The honeymoon was an excuse to eat pain au chocolat three times a day.

A month later, my perfect dress (and the other one…grrr) were still sitting in my closet and my credit card bill from the chocolate croissants was due. Easy decision, I’d sell the dress that didn’t make the cut. Never altered, never worn, this would be a cake walk.


Want to sell your wedding dress in Utah? Nope! Utah brides are expected to drop thousands on a dress, wear it once, and apparently stare at it forever.

Enter Utah Bridal Consignment. It’s Utah’s only bridal consignment store and it started because I had a perfect dress and a pastry problem. I started UBC and sold my dress because:

  • Dresses are expensive and take up closet space (hello fall sweaters)

  • Dress shopping should be a pressure-free environment

  • A dress worn for an hour is still basically a new dress, pass it on!

If any of this resonates with you, come check out our shop. We’d love to help you clear up your pastry budget.